Integrative Career Services

Integrative HR doesn't stop at providing services to employers; IHR is here to help you, too! If you are an employee, job seeker, or new/returning to the job market, Integrative HR may be able to help you!


Rebecca Kleinert, Human Resources Consultant
Phone:    +1 618 917 5334

Integrative HR is not your typical, run-of-the-mill Career Coach, so what makes Integrative HR different?

Welcome, JD Consulting clients!

As a practicing Human Resources Manager and Consultant who interacts with thousands of job seekers, hiring managers, human resources professionals, business owners, and recruiters, Integrative HR has the inside scoop and  knowledge of what everyone is looking for and how to get you all on the same page and help people find the right jobs and the right candidates


Why might you want to hire a career coach?

  • To make your application stand out in the pile
  • To ace the interview
  • To learn how to show the employer why you're valuable
  • To make sure you're on the right career path for ​you
  • To help you identify and get rid of the red flags employers might be seeing
  • To answer your HR questions about about your current or future job

Career Path Coaching

Résumés, Cover Letters, Applications

Interview Practice

Human Resources Consulting for Employees


Do you ever feel like... 

  • you're stuck in your job

     - you're not getting the promotion you were promised

     - you're not being fully utilized in your current position

     - you're underpaid or undervalued

     - there's no room to grow or advance

  • you're stuck in your job search

     - you're not getting callbacks on your applications 

     - your applications are being overlooked

     - you don't know where to look

  • you're just not happy

     - this isn't what you wanted

     - this isn't what you expected

     - this was supposed to be a stepping stone or foot in the door

     - you had to take this job to make end's meet

     - you've become bored

Maybe it's time to consider a coach to help you figure out what you need to do.