Rebecca Kleinert, Human Resources Consultant
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rebecca klEINERT: owner | human resources expert 

  • 10 years Human Resources Experience, Research, and Education
  • 19 years Small Business Experience, Management, Research, and Education
  • Certified Professional In Human Resources Management
  • Bachelor's Degree: Human Resources Management, Business Management, Webster University
  • Additional Education: Business Administration, Small Business Entrepreneurship, Legal Studies, Sociology

About Integrative HR, LLC

Integrative HR, LLC was founded in January 2013. Integrative HR, LLC is proud to announce the acquisition of JD Consulting, effective December 9, 2019, and looks forward to serving JD's clients and referrals!

With a great product or service, anyone can start a business. However, not every business owner is an Employee Expert (aka, Human Resources). Not every business owner is up-to-date about the labor laws that can directly affect how the business can and cannot operate legally. Small businesses face the same issues that large corporations with hundreds or thousands of employees face on a daily basis:

  • how do I make my employees happy?
  • how do I get the good employees to stay?
  • how do I deal with a "bad" employee?
  • how am I supposed to get good applicants?
  • am I allowed to do [this] with my employees?
  • how am I supposed to handle [this] with my employees?

Most small business owners are also the ones managing employees, administering benefits, posting jobs, disciplining employees, hanging up compliance posters, and so on. However, these same business owners are also trying to operate the business and get new customers! Operating the business and generating customers is a full-time job, so to add on a lot of employee management issues is guaranteeing that the business owner will effectively never sleep again! 

So, why not outsource some of that?

Why Choose Integrative HR, LLC for your Human Resources Management?

Rebecca has a passion for Small Business and a genuine desire to see small businesses thrive!

Integrative HR, LLC was founded on several key principles:

  • Ethics - the leading ethical principle is doing what is "just." Equality and fairness are key in employee management, and many labor laws that exist today are in place to ensure that employees are treated "justly." This poses many obstacles for employers; there is a lot of red tape and extra steps to accomplish simple tasks sometimes, but navigating these obstacles has a far more important goal to accomplish: just treatment for employees. 
  • Empathy - whether it's the business owner, an employee, an applicant, a former employee, or your biggest competition, we are going to empathize with you. If we don't understand where someone else is coming from, we'll never be able to solve a problem. We will always listen, we will always try to understand where others are coming from, we will consider your worries, and we will take note of your short and long term goals. This is hugely important in being effective as a consultant and Human Resources Expert. 
  • Individualization - no two clients will be treated the same way or prescribed the exact same solutions. While there are some procedures that are "constants," the way they are approached will be with the individual client's needs and business goals in mind. What works for one company may not work for another or may be completely inconsistent with another's business values. As business owners, we are tasked with identifying ourselves from our competitors and explaining the benefits of dealing with "us" versus "them." We make it a point to listen to the benefits you bring to the table, and we act accordingly. 
  • Strategy - although it would be great to pull out a bunch of "quick fixes" for clients, nothing is ever that simple. Looking at employee management as something "strategic" pays off big-time in the short run and the long run. Human Resources is a part of every company's overall business strategy; the decisions made regarding employees will affect your customers, your sales, your expenses, and your operations. Your employees are literally helping you operate certain aspects of your business, so the decisions you make regarding your employees will absolutely affect your business's bottom line. 
  • Philosophy - we take a philosophical approach to strategic planning and decision-making. Again, nothing is simple, and oftentimes, we need to think outside the box and consider all of the variables that affect a particular situation. This is especially important when we are faced with obstacles and cumbersome red tape. It also helps guide prioritization, as well as ​innovation!
  • Development - we are always paying attention to potential and opportunity. Closely related to "strategy," being able to recognize potential and opportunity helps in the overall planning process, finding new or innovative ways to solve problems, to identify how "a" and "b" are related, and how "this" could help us achieve "that." There is so much untapped potential out there, and the rewards that come with it are invaluable. Development is also highly important in coaching and mentoring business owners and employees, as well as throughout the recruiting process to determine "best fits" for jobs.
  • Adaptability - we expect change, whether it's a new labor law or change in public policy or someone changing their mind about a previously developed plan. Things change, and we can change right along with them! Change is normal and often quite healthy. As you change your mind, as you grow, as other circumstances change, as policies change, and so on, we are flexible and understanding enough to change with you. 
  • Pride - it is genuinely rewarding to watch others succeed, and being any part of that success is greatly fulfilling. Success may come from helping a business owner find the "perfect" employee for a job opening, helping a poorly performing employee step up and correct things to make a more effective contribution, correcting an internal policy that is not legally compliant, increasing the company's bottom line through strategic planning, or just getting a job description on file so that an employee better understands his or her job.
  •  Expertise - Human Resources is our passion, and because it is a passion, not a "job," we take it seriously, we talk about it at dinner, we read about it, we watch movies about the workplace, and we study it.